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About Us

My name is Quynh Thoa Truong, but my English-speaking friends shorten it to “QT” to prevent countless names that are highly creative but not even close.  I don’t mind it, “QT” does have a good ring to it!   

Along with my parents, siblings, aunt and grandmother, we’ve made our home in Tulsa, Oklahoma after our great escape from communism in 1975 after Vietnam was taken over by the communist regime.   I have been living with my children and husband in the Dallas area for the past 31 years. 

My greatest accomplishments are that I raised my children to be good citizens of this great nation, not the college diplomas hanging on my wall.   I gave up my job as a programmer to take on a whole new career as a stayed at home mom to my three wonderful children.   

When my children were little, the biggest dilemma was to get them to eat their greens.   After so many tries, I remembered a dressing I made whenever I help my mom with dinner.  One evening, I placed a bowl of salad on the dinner table to complement the spaghetti and encouraged everyone to try a few leaves before saying “no”.  To my surprise, they asked for more!  Now a day, my children do not order salads when they eat out because it’s not mom’s dressing.    That’s when my original Soy Vinaigrette came to life! 

For a long time, my friends have been telling me to market the salad dressings to share with everyone, but motherhood duties took precedence over my passion as an entrepreneur!  Now that my children are grown, I want to cross off the top item on my bucket list, launching QT Cook Shop.  I am so excited to bring my special dressings to you.   They are vegan and contains no MSG!  I also have a soy-free vinaigrette for those who cannot take soy-based products but love the taste of soy sauce.  The “Soy-free Vinaigrette” is organic, gluten-free, and vegan.   You can use them on your salad, as a marinades, on top of your steak or chicken, or even as a stir fry sauce. 

I am in the process coming up with new dressings and marinades.  I will share them in my blog along with ideas and recipes.   I hope that you will like the dressings as much as my children do.   Thank you for your support! 


QT Truong

Owner & CEO of QT Cook Shop